About us

With over 30 years of experience and tradition, we are concerned about preserving culture in Eastern Slavonia.

With more than 700 satisfied clients, counting as cities, counties, courts, large retailers and newspapers, as well as independent farmers, authors and small businesses, we are the leading supplier of printing services in Slavonia. Delivery in our printing shop takes place in Interconnected divisions located in office, operating, warehouse and sales areas, where experienced employees work.
The main activity of our printing workshop and related activities is: graphic preparation, graphic finishing, and sales of office supplies in the bookstore located at the printing press.

We offer the realization of your plan in its entirety – from the first steps of choosing colors and materials, through production to delivering goods to your doorstep, we come to meet you and respect your wishes.

Since its inception, Zebra has been dealing with restoration (repair and manual engagement) of destroyed high-historical and cultural events, using our experience and technology, we cooperated with the State Archives in Vukovar, the Vinkovci Municipal Museum, the Vukovar-Srijem County, the Municipal Court in Vinkovci, the State Geodetic Administration, and other organizations and people who have returned unusable books to them, as well as invaluable information in them. Due to its commitment to bookkeeping and restoration, Zebra has been awarded the Trademark Trademark.


  • Grad Vinkovci
  • Matica hrvatska Vinkovci
  • Sokol Vinkovci
  • Zakud Vinkovci
  • Lateran Vinkovci
  • Auto Will
  • Boso Vinkovci
  • Bolnica Županja
  • Multinorm Cerna
  • Dom zdravlja Vinkovci
  • Zavičajni muzej S. Gruber Županja
  • Grad Županja
  • Eurco
  • Grad Otok
  • Sladorana Županja
  • GradExport Vinkovci
  • Gradski muzej Vinkovci
  • Hrvatska poljoprivredna agencija
  • Hrvatski institut za povijest Slavonski Brod
  • Nexus Cerna
  • Dom zdravlja Vukovar
  • Vukovarsko srijemska županija
  • Zavod za javno zdravstvo Slavonski Brod
  • Hrvatski poljoprivredni savez Zagreb